In a world that understands only polar relations, like good or bad, winner or loser, sad or happy, there is a planet where everyone is free to be who they want to be.

The planet is hidden and, at the same time, open for everyone.

If you are lucky enough to land on that planet, everything you do starts to become awesome.

There are no boundaries and no wardens. Only bears like you. Bears that want to live their lives by their own rules.

A prime collection of 9,999 bears will grant you access to The Planet, where we will build the best community there is together and surpass it into a real digital world.

Through meaningful member-only merch drops, outdoor campaigns, exclusive live events, and collaborations with indie businesses and world-renowned brands, we create a community-centric, globally recognized brand that is a force for good.

Let’s get awesome,




Bear 01

Cool bear

Bear 02

Cool bear

Bear 03

Cool bear

Bear 04

Cool bear

Bear 05

Cool bear

Bear 06

Cool bear

Bear 07

Cool bear

Bear 08

Cool bear

Bear 09

Cool bear



As the internet got older, it became layered with rules, restrictions, and public opinion that followed you everywhere. But when web3 was born, we saw the opportunity to be ourselves, to be free how we want to be. To create our own space for people like us.

We are the awesomeness of the internet. A community that isn’t afraid to defy the status quo and work together to explore the latest technology. We are sick of the system and ready to break it and create a new one on its ruins.

TED’s vision is to build the metaverse’s largest decentralized brand, community-built and community-owned.


  • Keep it awesome

We are all different, and that is awesome. All those differences will make our community the greatest community in the metaverse. The #1 value of TED is and always will be the community and its interests. Everything starts and ends with the community.

  • Awesome sh*t only

TED is a creative and voracious bear. As we all are. It’s easy to be a follower. It’s harder to be original and do awesome stuff We forge our own path.

  • Trust the process

The best things are worth waiting for. Decentralized movements can’t make changes as quickly as centralized movements, which is a double-edged sword. Our movement has leaders, providing capacity and tools for the community to grow over time.