Space Training

TEDY was put into space training as soon as he was born with a fair launch on DEX. After days of training it was easy to see he was a natural born astonaut and so he earned his astrodog license. While still just a baby he was prepared for his first rocket launch.


First Mission

With only a space shuttle and a dream little TEDY took on his first mission. Not surprisingly he went on to set space records with a meteoric x50 rise in a matter of hours. After spending weeks in orbit TEDY returned back from his first mission safe and sound. 



Many months passed while TEDY built a bigger and more powerful rocket for his next mission. Not a baby anymore.

Also NFT sale will start on it is own platform



TEDY expects to reach 5000 holders and journey half way to The Secret Planet before needing to refuel. There have been reports that TEDY is working closely with Elon’s Space X program to enable refueling in orbit at the half way mark. In the mean time TEDY’s space team will gather support from CoinGecko, CoinMarket Cap and other exchanges to keep the operation in full flow and spread the word. And also TEDY NFT , Token owner will start stake their Tokens and NFT.


Secret Planet landing

TEDY expects to reach over 10,000 holders by the time he reaches The Secret Planet. By this point his 2D game will be played by people everywhere and his NFTs will be thriving. TEDY will continue to evolve as the community grows so make sure you tag along for the ride and enjoy this space exploration with TEDY.