4 NFT Games Where You Can Earn Cryptocurrency Rewards

The non-fungible tokens (NFTs) market is attracting interest at the same time that the cryptocurrency market is experiencing a global expansion. NFTs, which are based on blockchain technology, are digital replicas of real-world items like video games, music, and artwork, among other things, that have real monetary worth and can be bought using cryptocurrency. NFT Games was established as a result of the NFT sector’s recent entry into the multibillion dollar game business. In fact, some of these games give their participants substantial crypto-assets as prizes.

These games’ in-game assets have been tokenized so that players can collect them as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Playable characters, weapons, cars, and other in-game assets can all be accumulated and traded as NFTs in NFT games, which enables players to earn money for playing. Depending on the specifics of each game, participants can either sell their NFTs for a profit or hoard them until they receive cryptocurrency incentives without having to give up any of their assets.

People who have an interest in both gaming and the cryptocurrency area seem to be getting into the NFT gaming atmosphere. Also explore other types of NFT.

For example, Sky Mavis, the Vietnamese company that owns the NFT game “Axie Infinity,” recently saw its market value rise to almost $3 billion (or around Rs. 22,377 crores). Additionally, on October 4, the “AXS” native Ethereum blockchain-based cryptocurrency token of the Axie Infinity game reached an all-time high of almost $155 (approximately Rs. 11,500).

The following five games let you earn cryptocurrencies:

Gods Unchained: This free-to-play card game, which was released in September 2020, mixes NFT elements with those of conventional card trading games. Players must win matches in order to obtain high ranking cards from other players.

On the platform’s market, the premium cards can subsequently be exchanged for cryptocurrency. Because the game is built on the Ethereum blockchain, participants use ether to complete transactions.

Sorare: This one is for all of the soccer supporters out there. In the fantasy soccer game Sorare, players must buy, sell, trade, and manage a fictitious team. Players are represented in the game by digital cards created on the Ethereum blockchain.

By assembling a squad using football player cards and competing, players can win cash or the cryptocurrency Ether. In this 2018-developed game, participants receive ethereum tokens as prizes. The second-most valuable cryptocurrency in the world is ether.

Evolution Land: The 26 continents in this virtual globe are divided into the components of land, fire, gold, water, wood, and silicon. In a player-versus-player structure, players must engage in activities such as mining, science, and construction. To transfer, receive, and handle cryptocurrency from other players as well as in the form of game incentives, players must set up cryptocurrency wallets.

Zed Run: This is an NFT game about riding horses, and players need to buy the NFT cards for the horses they want to ride. Players can exchange their NFTs for cryptocurrency after winning races to make significant winnings.

Along with the cryptocurrency, traditional, and online gaming industries, the NFT gaming market is anticipated to expand.

By 2023, the worldwide gaming market will be worth over $200 billion (or roughly Rs. 14,94,768 crores), according to the research platform Statista. In fact, the total market capitalization for NFTs exceeded $22 billion in 2021.

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